Intergenerational Music Classes

What is an Intergenerational Music class?

An Intergenerational Music Class brings together two different generations of people to create a beautiful musical experience for all.  Joyful Melodies leads these classes in senior living communities, bringing together the residents with infants, toddlers, and preschoolers from the community.

What do the children get out of the class?

The music therapist designs each group to use singing, playing instruments, reading, and movement to encourage children at all developmental levels to learn and grow. Activities are adapted in the moment to encourage creativity, sharing, turn-taking, and healthy relationships, as well as to reinforce concepts like colors and numbers. At least one parent or caregiver accompanies their child to group, and learns fun songs and activities along with the children to do at home. Children will build special relationships with the older adults in the group, develop positive attitudes towards aging, and have fun with their elder friends!

What do the older adults get out of the class?

Older adults in senior living communities may not have the opportunity to interact with young children often. Intergenerational music classes bring the children to the older adults, creating opportunities for sharing, teaching, and positive relationships. Building social connections with the children could actually be good for their health, based on recent studies about the detrimental health affects of loneliness.  The older adults participate by singing along, leading some activities, and playing small instruments with the children.