Caregiver Choir

Join the Caregiver Choir!

The Caregiver Choir is a singing group comprised of people who care for others. It is directed by a board-certified music therapist.  Unlike typical choirs, who focus most on technique and performance, the focus of this group is to connect with others going through similar experiences, have fun, and experience the joy of singing. No prior singing experience is necessary.  Most of the songs sung in the Caregiver Choir are selected from a list of suggestions by choir members.  Singing songs members already know and love helps make participation easy and fun, even for people who have never sung before or who think they may not have a “good voice.”

Singing Soothes the Soul

Did you know that singing can help your body release tension? Taking deep breaths in between musical phrases helps muscles relax. Singing opens up airways and helps provide even more oxygen to the body. Many caregivers tend ot focus on taking care of others more than they take care of themselves. Joining the Caregiver Choir is a way for caregivers to dedicate a small portion of their month to their own self-care, which will ultimately make them even better caregivers.


The Caregiver Choir meets twice a month and continues for 4 months at a time. New members may join each January, May, and September.