Nesting Instincts


Nesting instincts are real!  I am 25 weeks along now, and have been on an organizing streak that has made my chaotic life much more streamlined.  I’ve learned some things that I hope I can hold onto even after this nesting phase passes.

Complete tasks

I sometimes have a tendency to start too many tasks at once, which results in some being left uncompleted.  When something important is half-done, I’ve been known to leave things out of place to remind myself to complete the task.  During this nesting phase, however, it feels so good to wrap up my tasks and put things away completely.  For example, after I return home from an Intergenerational Music Class, I immediately sanitize my instruments and put them back in their places and put the scarves in the laundry (see the beautiful scarves hanging to dry in the picture above?).  First-trimester Lauren would have dropped everything on the floor and fallen asleep on the couch, leaving clutter to be dealt with later.  Hopefully I’ll be able to continue my second-trimester habits long-term!

organize items so that they look nice

Part of the reason some items were being left out in between uses was that they didn’t really have a perfect home to go.  I recently rearranged the music corner in my home, where I store my piano, rhythm instruments, movement props, guitar, and other various items used in my music therapy sessions and classes.  My smaller items are now organized in bins that stack up neatly in the corner between the piano and the wall.  I can fill a bin with whatever I need for a class or group, put it in a big group bag with my other materials, and take it right to my car.  Having a system that looks nice encourages me to put things away, too.

journal and Make lists

I recently bought a new notebook and have been diligent about journaling every day.  I have found that a less-strict version of bullet journaling works for me.  My journal is a place where I keep my to-do lists, take notes about my day, write ideas and inspirations, doodle, reflect, and plan.  It is very satisfying to cross off tasks that have been completed.  Sometimes I find myself writing down the smallest things just so that I can cross them off.  I’ve noticed that when I journal, I fall asleep easily because everything that I feel like I need to remember for the next day is safely written down rather than running through my mind.

What strategies do you use to organize and streamline your life?  Leave me a comment!

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