Music for the Eclipse

in honor of the solar eclipse that passed over indiana on august 21, i’m sharing some of my favorite sun and moon songs!

Have you ever heard the song, “Mr. Sun?”  This song is a fun one to sing as you are getting your kids ready to play outside.  The next time you children are about to throw a fit about getting their shoes on, just start singing this song!  Sometimes a little music is all the distraction kids need to get through a difficult task.

I love “Here Comes the Sun.”  This song is nice and mellow, making it a good one to play during dinner or quiet play time.  Speaking of the Beatles, have you heard about the Netflix show “Beat Bugs?”  It’s a cute children’s show with animated bugs and Beatles music.  Check it out!

Another one of my favorites is “Moon Moon Moon,” by Laurie Berkner.  I like to add some simple hand motions, reaching up high or lifting my baby up high when the lyrics say to “look up, it’s the moon!”  This song is a good one to sing at bedtime.

Here’s a picture of my husband and daughter viewing the eclipse with a homemade pinhole projector.  Did you view this event with your kids?  Tell us about it in the comments!

With joy,


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