Music Classes Build Social Skills

Joyful Melodies Music ClassesI had a very proud mama moment in our Intergenerational Music Class last weekend.  My daughter, Mary, attends the class with my husband every week.  This was the sixth music class of the summer session, and Mary has come out of her shell more and more each class.  This class is held in a retirement home, and we call the older adults “grandfriends” and encourage them to join our class every week.  I often ask the children to interact with their grandfriends by waving hello, asking their names, and taking them small instruments.  Mary has always been shy around the grandfriends and has needed to hang onto one of her parents before she would approach a grandfriend.

This time, when I asked her to take an egg shaker to a grandfriend, Phyllis, she happily took it from me, ran over to Phyllis, and plopped it into her hand!  I was so proud of her and happy to see that she was learning to form relationships with her grandfriends.

The other children have been building social skills in the Intergenerational Music Class, too!  It has been wonderful to see them interact with each other and the grandfriends in more and more meaningful ways throughout this class session.


Do you have a child who would benefit from this type of socialization?  Sign up for our next session!  We start in August.  Learn more and register here.

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2 thoughts on “Music Classes Build Social Skills

  1. Christina Sheffer says:

    This class had definitely helped Nyla with her social skills. She looks forward to every Saturday seeing the same kids in class as well as new children. The familiarity of having the same kids has helped her become more outgoing and open in a group setting. I love it. We have already signed her up for the next session that begins in August. She loves going and singing the songs that she lives so very much and using the intruments.

    • Lauren says:

      I am so glad that Nyla joined our class! It has been amazing to watch her blossom. She was so reserved the first couple of classes, but now she smiles, sings along, plays instruments, and even shared her favorite songs! She’s such a sweet girl!

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