Intervention Spotlight: Heart Beat Recording

Music Therapy

I HAVE to tell you about this new music therapy intervention I’ve been using.  I learned about it about a year ago from a music therapist who works for a hospice company.  He and I both were guest lecturers for a college music therapy class, and he demonstrated this intervention during his lecture.

He recorded my unborn baby’s heart beat into his iPad, recorded the class and I singing “You Are My Sunshine,” and layered the music on top of the heart beat.


I finally got one of these fetal dopplers and figured out how to connect it to my iPad, and now have the capability to record heart beats directly into my iPad.  My mind is racing with ways this type of intervention could be meaningful:

  • Heart beat recording near end of life, creating a special audible memory for family members
  • Recording a mother’s heart beat and voice to comfort a new baby at bedtime or if they have to be separated
  • Incorporating heart beats into songwriting interventions
  • Using the sounds of old and new hearts of heart transplant patients in music creations to process the emotions around the transplant experience
  • Putting multiple heart beats of family members together into one song  prior to a separation of family members – perhaps due to military deployment, impending death of a family member, or to help children cope with parents’ divorce
  • Recording the heart beats of unborn babies and using them to create musical pieces with the mothers to help the mothers cope with and make meaning out of a difficult pregnancy or serious prenatal diagnosis

What would you do if you had the opportunity to create a musical piece with your heart beat?

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