Fetal/Maternal Heart Beat Recordings + Personalized Lullaby Creation



Because of your response to this post, Joyful Melodies is offering a special deal on fetal/maternal heart beat recordings and personalized lullaby creation for pregnant women and new mothers.  For a limited time, this offer is available for only $200, and includes:

  •  The creation of a personalized lullaby for your baby
  • One in-person meeting with a music therapist, with additional communication about the song through email or by phone
  • A digital recording of the baby’s heart beat (must be at least 24 weeks pregnant)
  • A digital recording of the mother’s heart beat with soothing guitar or piano music
  • A digital recording of your lullaby performed by you or your music therapist, with piano or guitar accompaniment, mixed with the sound of the baby’s heart beat

This package is the perfect gift for an expecting or new mother.  The soothing music paired with the mother’s heart beat can be played to calm the new baby during nap times, and may remind the little one of the comfort of the womb.  The family’s hopes, dreams, and joy will be captured forever with the personalized lullaby.

Email Lauren@makejoyfulmelodies.com to set up your first session.

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