Feel the Beat

Feel the Beat Joyful Melodies Music TherapyI use a lot of improvisation in my music therapy work.  This week I had many music therapy sessions with infants in the hospital who were falling behind on their developmental milestones due to their medical circumstances.  This song, Feel the Beat, stuck with me after it arose spontaneously during a session.

With these infants, I used this song while gently tapping them on various specified body parts.  This helped them become accustomed to positive touch – touch that isn’t painful, like much of the touch they experience during their medical care.

This song can be adapted easily to be used with other age groups as well!  I’m looking forward to using it with infants, toddlers, and older adults together in my Intergenerational Music Classes.  Hopefully the kids and adults will have fun identifying their body parts and practicing keeping the beat!

Hope you enjoy the song!  This was recorded in 1 take after a long day of work for me and a napless day at daycare for Mary Mae.  If you’ve seen our other videos on the Joyful Melodies YouTube Channel, (follow us!) you might notice that Mary is holding onto and distracted by her Chapstick again in this video.  She’s such a silly, sweet girl.

Let me know what you think of the song in the comments!

With joy,


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