Embracing Change

Joyful Melodies Music Therapy

2016 has been a year full of change so far!

Joyful Melodies is growing!  I continue to build a referral network by connecting with pediatric specialists in the community (social workers, counselors, and other professionals working with children with emotional or developmental needs).  I’ve started offering clinical supervision to music therapists working in pediatric medical setting, which has been really rewarding.  My partnership with a mortuary is still going strong, and they continue to book new senior living community music therapy groups through Joyful Melodies.

I decreased my hours at my pediatric hospital job in January, and I now work 4 days a week instead of 5.  There were three music therapists working there, but in February the other two music therapists got offered different job opportunities, which resulted in one leaving the state and the other being promoted within our hospital system.  This left me as the only remaining music therapist in the hospital, and I had the opportunity to choose any care area I wanted.  Although I loved my work on the pediatric intensive care unit and cardiovascular intensive care unit, I chose to move my focus to the newborn intensive care unit.  My caseload previously was filled with children who needed significant medical intervention to breathe after surgeries, traumas, or other complex medical needs. Now, I start working with the children who are too young to even move to those units.  Most of the babies are premature, and I use music to help organize their developing brain pathways, decrease their agitation, promote developmental growth, and emotionally support their parents.

My personal life includes one BIG change: I’m pregnant with our second child!  I’m due in October.  We are so excited for Mary Mae to become a big sister.  Mary is growing and changing every day.  She is acting more and more like a 2 year old, and claims everything as “Mine!”

I’m choosing to view the changes in my work life similarly to how I view the changes in Mary Mae as she grows up.  When she moved from 18 month clothes to 2T, I could have cried and squeezed her into the smaller clothes as long as possible, refusing to admit my sweet baby girl is growing up.  Instead, I accepted and celebrated this change, and we went shopping!  Everything is a stage that will soon end.  Mary will, one day, be out of diapers.  Joyful Melodies will, one day, hire employees.  One day, I’ll be a mother of two.  One day, Joyful Melodies will embark on an adventure I can’t even dream of right now. Throughout this change, I’m trying to be calm, trust the process, and look forward to a bright future.

Here’s to change!

With joy,


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