A Special Moment

We have been having so much fun in our Intergenerational Music Class!

We have a fantastic group of grandfriends at the Hearth at Prestwick, where our 10:15am class meets on Mondays.  I love these classes, because there are always special moments when you get older adults together with young children. Recently, we all colored heart shaped Valentines for each other and exchanged them.  It nearly made my heart burst with happiness to watch the grandfriends and young children wish each other a happy Valentine’s Day and give each other handmade Valentines.  The smiles on the faces of the older adults were priceless.  The kids are getting more friendly with their grandfriends every week.

Would you be interested in a weekday evening Intergenerational Music Class?  There may be one in the near future.  If Monday mornings works for you, join us at the Hearth at Prestwick at 10:15!  Register for the remaining classes in the session, or simply drop in for $15.  We’d love to have you with us!

With joy,


2 thoughts on “A Special Moment

  1. Christina Sheffer says:

    Will you be coming back to over to the Harrison retirement center for classes on the weekends in the future? We miss you.

    • Lauren says:

      No immediate plans for weekend classes again, but I’m hoping to run some by the summer time! We might be starting a Monday afternoon class soon – would that work for you? I miss you too!

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