3 Ways to Be Silly with Your Kids

Have you ever felt that the daily grind is wearing you down?  I know there have been moments in my life when I felt exhausted by the repetitive routine of getting the kids up, getting them to daycare, working all day, coming home and feeding the kids, getting them to bed, cleaning up, and going to sleep. Throw in variables like teething and illnesses and everything becomes more difficult.

I’ve found a powerful tool to combat these feelings and make life much more joyful: silliness.

Being silly with your kids not only makes life more fun, it helps your kids learn how to cope with difficult situations, become more creative, express themselves, and deepens your family relationships!  Try these 5 ideas and start being more silly.


Inject humor into everyday activities

Take an ordinary activity, for example, giving my three year old her vitamin for the day.  This used to be just another mundane part of our routine.  One day, I randomly sang in a silly sing-song voice as I was asking her if she wanted her gummy dinosaur, and she laughed.  Now the silly song is built into our routine, and we laugh together every morning.  It’s a great way to start the day!


Jump completely into kid land

There are certainly many times during the day that parents need to multitask while caring for their children.  However, I’ve found that spending even just 10-20 minutes completely in kid land can be so meaningful.  Try to put aside everything for a brief period of time and get down on the floor to play. Play CandyLand. Ask Alexa to play “Happy” and have a dance party. Build a tower. Make a craft. Remember what it was like to be a kid! Your kids will love having your full attention, even if it’s for a short time, and you’ll love being back in kid land.

Schedule a fun outing, event or class

Sometimes leaving the house to do something new and special is the best way to break the monotony and have some silly fun. Visit the park, children’s museum, or zoo, try out a new class, or attend a kid-friendly music performance.  Get into a silly mood and make it a fun adventure!

How are you silly with your kids? Share in the comments!

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