Being Present in the Present

Have you ever felt like there is not enough time in the day?

As a mother, wife, employee, and business owner, I sometimes feel like it’s impossible to juggle everything I want to do.  I want to stay at home with my baby girl full time.  I want to work full time, too.  I want to grow my private practice.  I want to get organic produce from the farmers markets and make my family delicious, nutritional meals.  I want to keep my house neat and tidy and maintain the gardens outside.

Obviously, these can’t all happen at once.  I can’t be with my girl 24/7 and work 2 jobs that I love (and lets just forget about the fancy meals, tidy house, and beautiful gardens).

I’ve been trying to follow some new self-imposed rules: don’t multitask.  Focus completely on the task in front of you.  Be present.

This is what it looks like for me:  When I’m playing with my daughter, I’m playing with my Continue reading