Intervention Spotlight: Counting Songs

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Since writing this post about the importance of repetition in early childhood music experiences, I’ve been even more aware of repetition in my music therapy work with young children.  Many of the children I work with are hospitalized for extended periods of time.  Being hospitalized at a young age can often slow or stop typical child development.  It makes sense – kids at home would be having tummy time on the floor, rolling around, practicing pulling up on things, being held often, playing with toys and meeting friends for play dates.  In the hospital, depending on what the child is going through, many of these things don’t happen.  Enter an amazing team of child life specialists and creative arts therapists, who make it part of our job to give kids opportunities to grow and develop despite their medical challenges.

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Busy September

Hi everyone!  It has been a while between blog posts, but Joyful Melodies has been busier than ever.

Joyful Melodies Music TherapyOne of my bucket list items was checked off recently when I was interviewed for the Guitars & Granola Bars podcast.  The podcast is hosted by Rachel Rambach, a music therapist in Illinois, and is about music therapy and motherhood.  Find out more and take a listen here. 





Joyful Melodies has begun contracting with a mortuary to provide music therapy groups to older adults in assisted living and other senior facilities.   It may sound strange, but it has been a fantastic partnership!  It’s such fun to sing oldies and play instruments with these wonderful seniors.Joyful Melodies Music Therapy

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